Fiber of the Month 


January Information

You will need to submit a picture of your spun lotus fiber WITH the lotus label BY NEXT TUESDAY, January 18th!!! Send the picture to the woolpack’s email (the same address this newsletter came from) If Lisa sees your picture on Wednesday morning she will mail you two fibers. (This is in case we still can’t meet at the viridian in February) You may spin any of the two, but you will need to submit the picture to the woolpack to be published in the February newsletter.

Lisa has agreed to once again be in charge for the year. Thank you Lisa! IT IS TIME TO SIGN UP! She will need your name, phone number, email and address. This year the theme will be PLANT FIBERS!

The fee is $25 for the year paid to the woolpack via paypal. Please change pay pal setting to friends and family so the guild doesn’t have to pay a fee. ** Because the fiber of the month fee is the same as membership fee please write a note on your paypal payment for what you are paying for. If there is no note it will automatically go to pay dues.


RULES for Fiber of the Month

  1. You MUST be a paid member of the woolpack.

  2. You need to pay your $25 by September 13th.

  3. If you missed the above deadline--never fear, it's not too late to participate. However, your first fiber will be given to you a month after you sign up.

  4. Spin the fiber and bring the finished fiber to next guild meeting. (Blending the fiber is ok.) You will then receive your next fiber.

  5. If you cannot attend the meeting please arrange to have your fiber shown and have someone else pick up your fiber for you. You will then be responsible for getting the fiber from that person to spin for the next month.

  6. If you do not finish the fiber for a particular month, you will need to pay $10 to get back into the group.  

The fiber club is subsidized by the guild and you will receive fibers worth more than the club fee even if you need to pay the extra $10 for missing a month.

Friendship Shawl

If you still have shawl that belongs to someone else, please work on it and we will exchange them when we are able to get back together.

Instead of a large shawl that everyone contributes to, everyone who participates will each put 2oz of roving into a paper bag with our names and the fiber type on it and pass it around like a white elephant exchange. Take home the roving you end up with, spin it and make something from the yarn, then give it back to the person whose name is on the bag. We will do the exchange in October, but I wanted to give everyone plenty of notice. We aim to have the projects back to their recipients by July of next year.


Show and Tell

We are going to try something new this year for Show and Tell. When you arrive at our guild meetings we are going to have a show and tell table. Please put your items on the table fill out the show and tell form that we will have there. During guild we will vote on the items and select a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize from the votes. Those winners will get a ribbon. Also you can then take your show and tell entry card back and put it in your spinning journal.

Annual Dye Exchange

The basic idea is to use the President’s color choice and dye 32 ounces of fiber to share with guild members.  The president will announce her color choice during our September Meeting. Then at our meeting in March, you get to share your fiber with everyone, in one ounce portions, and tell us why you picked those colors.  The date of the exchange will be provided by the President, (usually Feb or Mar). 

We suggest you bring at least 32 ounces of dyed fiber.  The fibers are to be pulled apart (Never Cut) into 1 ounce bundles, labeled with your name and description of dye method and materials used.

Notlwonk Wool Trek

Held in May at Notlwonk Springs

Join us for our annual day at the farm! Get a first peek (and opportunity to buy) our  fleeces and peruse our many other products. Bring your wheel, spindle, knitting needles, crochet hook, or other projects. Spin the afternoon away! Follow Notlwonk Springs on Facebook

Summer Retreat for Members

Held the last week(end) in July at Notlwonk Springs

This is an annual event held for paid members of the guild.  We bring tents, trailer, canopies and set them up together.  We take turns helping to cook meals. We bring our wheels, fiber, projects, chocolate and have a lot of fun connecting with each other and recharging creative batteries. Watch the newsletters for more information as this event approaches.


No in person meeting for January. The Viridian Center is canceling in person meetings. Check the newsletter or Facebook page for login information.

The Viridian Center is requesting that we wear masks. Thank you

Viridian Center
8030 South 1825 West
West Jordan

These meetings begins at 7:00 p.m.
Visiting and spinning at 6:30

  •   January 18th,  - chain plying, zoom meeting